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What is an affiliate? An affiliate is someone who would like to earn money, via a commission for helping us sell DVD's. Once you become an affiliate, we give you tools like banners, emails and email links, and other material that you send to your 'people'. How you send this information to your people could be a number of ways like...

  • placing a banner or photo we provide on a web site.
  • sending a link that we provide you to a mailing list.
  • placing a custom link on your facebook page
  • placing a custom link on a user group or online community that your involved with.


Once you use one of the generated links or banners, (a banner is a photo or image), when someone clicks on that image or link in one of your emails, a cookie is placed in their computer and should they end up going to our store, and buying a DVD, our shopping cart knows that the sale was generated from you and we pay you a commission.

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