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Host a premier of "That First Glide" in your town (almost) anywhere....
We've hosted small intimate premiers in local taverns and sports bars, medium sized shows outdoors on projection screens, and in small boutique theaters. Why not go even bigger? One of our best shows was at the Maui Arts and Cultural center in Hawaii for a crowd of 500! Whatever suites your town or organization, "That First Glide" is sure to get your community buzzing about the fantastic fun sport of SUP.

Public Screening Package •Cost-$400
  • Public Screening License
  • Digital Promotional Files
  • Blu-Ray Loaner Disc for Movie Screening
  • Link to purchase up to 50 DVDs at $9.95 each. (on average, one out of five people purchase a DVD at the event)
  • Sell tickets and raise money for your favorite cause
  • Opportunity to book filmmakers Mike Waltze to attend your event and bring the Aloha of Hawaii's SUP to your town.

"People who watch this movie want to get out on the water, even if they've never tried SUP"




Getting Started:

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Digital Promotional Files
(file contains: small poster JPG, sample invitation, marketing tips & tricks)


CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a large printable movie Poster
(file contains: 21mb PDF poster with space on bottom to add your own artwork)

1. SELECT A DATE, SELECT A VENUE - What other activities would you like to include (i.e. guest speaker, Sup Demo Day
local race, barbeque, coctail party.)

When selecting a venue, Be Creative! YMCAs, churches, fitness centers, schools, community centers, even something outdoors can all make a viewing experience. Your local independent theatre may work for larger events during non-peak screening times. Compare prices; check availability; and ask if food and drink can be served. The film is 74 minutes, best to book the venue for 3 hours to allow for arrival time, and any additional activities.

2. TICKET SALES With your public screening license, feel free to sell tickets to your event. Even a low-cost ticket can help offset your expenses. Or you could donate to a local charity.

3. LOCAL PARTNERS Take advantage of like-minded organizations in your community. Partners can help with promotion, expenses and event coordination. These partner groups often have interesting speakers that can add value to your event.

4. GUEST SPEAKERS - Filmmaker Mike Waltze, Alyssa Waltze, or one of the athletes in the film may be available for press interviews leading up to the event and also available for speaking engagements (in person or via Skype) after the screening. Email films@waltze.com for scheduling and pricing.

5. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT Promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, email and more. Tell your friends to spread the word far and wide! Use the downloadable digital files to promote to your community directly, including the sample invitation and trailer link.


To Contact Us or to inquire about hosting a screening in your town,

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